Review: Long Beach Seafood; Chilli Crab & Other Must-Try Delicacies

When in Singapore, one must-try the Chilli Crab! A local favourite packed with so much flavour that will leave you licking your fingers; guaranteed.

With countless seafood restaurants in Singapore, Long Beach Seafood Restaurant has always been my go-to-spot for the freshest seafood in city. At a recent visit to the restaurant, I dived in straight into some of my favourites from the menu.

For starters, it was an all-time favourite, Prawn You Tiao; deep-fried dough fritters stuffed with prawn paste and coated with sesame seeds.

Prawn You Tiao

Next in order was the Wasabi Mayo Prawns. Wasabi itself can be overpowering on the taste buds but when paired with the fried prawns, it provided just the right subtle flavour and proved to be a great option!

Wasabi Mayo Prawns

Soon after arrived the deep-fried whole sea bass, topped with tangy sambal chilli paste. Absolutely delish! The fish was as fresh as it could get and crispy. We had ordered a small portion of YangZhou Fried Rice to pair with the fish but it was so good on its own that we didn’t wait.

Deep-fried Whole Sea Bass with Sambal
YangZhou Fried Rice

But finally, the main highlight of our meal, the Chilli Crab! A must-try local delicacy in Singapore. You would have to get your hands dirty to truly enjoy this dish. The crabs are stir-fried and coated with a sweet, savoury and spicy tomato based sauce with egg. While the crab is fresh and juicy, the best part of the dish would be its gravy! You will keep wanting for more. The best way to have the gravy would be by dipping the mantous (deep fried buns or steamed, if you’re feeling healthy) in the dish. The buns almost melt away in your mouth and complements the gravy perfectly.

Chilli Crab
Deep-fried Mantous

To end off a delightful meal, we ordered an almond jelly with longans for dessert. After all the wonderful seafood, this didn’t impress as much but was good nonetheless.

Almond Jelly with Longans

Counting down to my next trip to Long Beach!




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