Review: Le Chasseur; French Name, Chinese Food, Singapore

The thing I miss most when going back home to Singapore would be its food. Singaporeans love their food! We are equally spoilt with the wide-spread culinary choices from the diverse cultures in the city.

One of my favourites (from a long-list of favourites) would be, Le Chasseur. Not to be mistaken for a French restaurant, Le Chasseur is actually a Chinese restaurant with an extensive menu to please the crowds.

No meal is complete at Le Chasseur without its signature dish, the Claypot Chicken Rice. The claypot comes with chunks of chicken, salted fish, mushrooms, Chinese sausage (preserved meat) and vegetables. What sets aside Le Chasseur’s claypot chicken rice to the others would be its rice. Instead of jasmine or Thai rice, the restaurant uses basmati rice. Its fragrant and provides an excellent texture  to the dish. In addition, the claypot is actually cooked over charcoal and hence the rice has a bit of the smokey flavour to it. Be sure to dig in right to bottom of the pot and scrap the burnt crispy rice!

Claypot Chicken Rice (Large), $20

Accompanying the claypot chicken rice, we had some side dishes. First up, the Prawn Paste Chicken (chicken chunks marinated in prawn paste and deep-fried). A savoury delight!

Prawn Paste Chicken, $6.50

Next, the Otah Omelette (grilled fish meat/paste with spices). However, the fish and egg combination may sound to you, its actually terrific!

Otah Omelette, $6

Last but not least, one of my favourite local vegetable dish, Sambal Kangkong (water spinach). The spinach is stir-fried in sambal sauce which is a combination of chilli peppers, shrimp paste, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, lime juice and others).

Sambal Kangkong, $5.50

Always worth a visit back for more!




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