Review: Joy King Lau, Chinatown, London

Craving for a dim sum fix, I made a reservation at Joy King Lau in London’s Chinatown for a weekend lunch. Upon arriving at the restaurant, we were quickly shown to our table.

Looking at how busy the restaurant was, we were glad to have made the reservation prior and it seemed popular with a lot of Chinese clientรจle which is always a good sign!

The dim sum menu is extensive!! While placing out order, the service staff warned that it might take up to 45 minutes if we needed more food.

After a good wait of 30 minutes (and much to our delight, considering our hunger pangs), the dim sums came served in its individual steamer baskets.





While the individual dim sums were reliable and of good value, they definitely weren’t the best that I have tasted.

When lunching at Joy King Lau, do not expect great service at all. Before one has even swallowed the last morsel of food, the service staff are quick to clear the plates away and present the bill without being asked. We felt being “chased” out of the restaurant to make way for others while noting there was no queue outside the restaurant.





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